I am not a baseball analyst. I am not an historian. I am a storyteller.

I'm starting this project in June of 2014, but I've actually been at this for quite a while, telling stories like the ones you'll read here, to smaller audiences. A very good friend of mine - thank you, Sharon - has been pressuring me for some time to "get serious and get a blog going." This is that.

I was born into baseball. I bleed Twins blue. I love this game. I even believe all that national pastime propaganda, all that Walt Whitman stuff:

"I see great things in baseball. It's our game, the American game. It will repair our losses and be a blessing to us."

Walt Whitman never actually said that, but he should have. And a lot of it's hokum, but that's okay. I believe it anyway. Like Kevin Costner in Bull Durham, I believe. Life's more fun that way.

I'm definitely a baseball nerd, and I'm blessed to live in a golden age of baseball nerdery. Any aspect of the game that you want to analyze and quantify and pick apart, past, present, or future, between the mainstream media, websites like Baseball Reference and Fangraphs, and independent bloggers, it's all out there, every bar bet settled, and I'll pore over it all for hours on end, I love it all.

But that's not what I'm out to do here. There's a lot of that, by people better at it than I could ever be. And it's just not what I want to do.

One of my favorite things in life is to take people to the ballpark who've never been. It's a little different now that the Twins moved across town to Target Field, but I still really love it. I love showing people - even people who don't care about baseball at all - this tiny world of mine, all its quirks and corners and back staircases, and this intricate, incredible game that we've been playing now for more than a hundred years, its subtleties, symmetry and sometimes its silliness. The way the infielders move around in response to the runners and the coaches and the way the catcher sits. The tiny, triple-killing slivers of foul ground in the corners at Target Field compared to the vast acreage of the Metrodome and how that changes the entire game. I love it all, and I love sharing it with people.

That's what I want to do here. I want to show you around every ballpark, every era, every story, like that. Whether your grandparents had season tickets or this is your first ballgame, I hope to bring you stories and commentary that shows you something you have not seen before.

I have another friend who I always think of when I'm writing - thanks, Jen. She doesn't know a thing about baseball. Doesn't know what any of the numbers mean. Could maybe tell you how many balls to a walk. Aside from this obvious deficiency, she's a bright, well-read, funny lady, who likes a good story. I always try to write to Jen. I'm going to tell the stories that I find interesting, hopefully in a way that people find interesting. Because I do love this game, and I want you to love it too.

In this space, in the days, months, and God willing, years to come, I will tell you stories about that. About my life, and yours, and ours, and baseball.

I'm very glad you're here. Let me tell you a story.